NieR Automata Day One Edition v1787043-CRACKED

Posted 08 May 2017 in PC Games

NieR Automata Day One Edition v1787043-CRACKED


NieR: Automata tells the story of androids 2B, 9S and A2 and their battle to reclaim the machine-driven dystopia overrun by powerful machines. Humanity has been driven from the Earth.


NieR: Automata tells the story of androids 2B, 9S and A2 and their battle to reclaim the machine-driven dystopia overrun by powerful machines.

Humanity has been driven from the Earth by mechanical beings from another world. In a final effort to take back the planet, the human resistance sends a force of android soldiers to destroy the invaders. Now, a war between machines and androids rages on… A war that could soon unveil a long-forgotten truth of the world.

NieR:Automata Cover PC



Title: NieR:Automata™
Genre: Violent, Action, RPG
Developer: Square Enix
Publisher: Square Enix
Release Date: Mar 17, 2017

Release Name : NieR Automata Day One Edition v1787043-CRACKED
Size : 34.6 GB


4GB Parts links are interchangable.






































  • OS: Windows 7 /8.1 /10 64bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 2100 or AMD A8-6500
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 VRAM 2GB or AMD Radeon R9 270X VRAM 2GB
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 50 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX® 11 supported
  • Additional Notes: Mouse, keyboard and game pad (XInput only). Screen resolution: 1280×720.


  • OS: Windows 8.1 /10 64bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 4670 or AMD A10-7850K
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 VRAM 4GB or AMD Radeon R9 380X VRAM 4GB
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 50 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX® 11 supported
  • Additional Notes: Mouse, keyboard and game pad (XInput only). Screen resolution: 1920×1080. Depending on the monitor and PC graphics card environment and setup used, this title can expand its display resolution to 4K. However, please be aware that 4K resolutions are not officially supported.

NieR Automata Day One Edition v1787043-CRACKED
1) Copy content of archive to "Sniper Ghost Warrior\win_x64" folder (replace files).
2) Start SSELauncher.exe and click on game icon there.
3) If there are some problems with game launch, try this:
- Disable AV/Firewall/etc and try to launch SSELauncher.exe as Administrator.
- or Right click on game icon in SSELauncher -> Properties -> Uncheck "Inject SmartSteamEmu" -> Save -> Try to run game in this mode (w/o injecting game will hang during exit)
- or you can run game without steam emulator - just run sgw3.exe, but you won't be able to change language and there will be no dlcs avalaible. Besides that
     game is fully playable, savegames stored inside "My documents" folder.
Have fun!

Posted by SKIDROW
  • zackben

    thanks !!!!

  • Txema

    Replace files on Sniper Ghost Warrior or on Nier Automata? ;) Thanks!

  • Odin

    Funciona de 10 gracias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sois los mejores!!!!!

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    Wow!!! nice.

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    is this full unlocked dude

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    Waw thanx …..

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    Thank you Thank you ;)

  • Miguel

    game crashes when you are going to take the first objective(goliath)

  • Doge

    can anyone else confirm if this version of cracked game is legit or not? (no errors / random crashes)

  • Hp

    This game crashes even in the legit version, basically has bad pc porting

  • kalugaaa

    Baldman should crack FIFA 16/17

  • Soli

    Does anybody know how to solve sound problem ? With sound effects ON I get only ambient static. I have to play with no sound effects (shooting, slasing, foot steps etc.). :(((

  • Inquisitor

    This game is jap garbage

  • Ronin

    voces sao foda!!!

  • clardav

    random crashes, not playable for me.

  • tpm

    well i have permaloading screen…

  • Sab ri

    Great job.fifa 17.plz

  • shimozuka

    also for me , game work , but randomly game stuck

  • ZER0lPT

    I’m stuck at 0%. No seeds.

  • Deero

    game crashes, but crack works, any way to fix it? thanks

  • Shayd

    no one are seeding … 10 ko/s to dl it ..

  • Cloud

    Can u crack for honor and need for speed 2015?

  • vani

    its crashes after goliath, sucks

  • vani

    it crashes after goliath, sucks

  • Dyzard

    the game works…. thx a lot… salute to you who work so hard for this…

  • Caio

    if u have already downloaded the game , pls , seed! 10kb/s is tough

  • sou chan

    always stopped working in the welcome screen

  • sazu

    similar to sou chan, crash in the game intro…

  • ouch

    thx dude

  • Adri56

    hi skidrowgames why i have this error? “unable to inizialize steam api”

  • MCguill

    I understand nothing.
    Where is a crack?
    Replace files?…where?

  • UngratefulDick

    So, this port is that bad? Cuz there is more comments with problems than positive ones.

  • gh

    the game crash in the intro

  • Jp

    Disable hyperthreading will fix crashes for i7 and i3

  • MCguill

    Try other version in other website.
    This is not an ISO, I do not know what the fuck is.

    1) Copy content of archive to “Sniper Ghost Warrior\win_x64” folder (replace files).
    ….or you can run game without steam emulator… but you won’t be able to change
    language and there will be no dlcs avalaible

    What !!!

  • arbyte

    now dishonored2 and im done with all games i wanted

  • hores

    gacias!! downloading….



  • toni

    off mega :/

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Sincerely!

  • Reece

    Unable to initialize SteamAPI HELP!

  • Chris

    It did crash before in main menu, but now no crashes when running Launcher as Admin in Windows 8 compatibility mode.

  • Kai7422

    CRACKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS HEREEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

  • Roberto


  • Daisuke

    seria bueno que los que ya probaron esta version comenten sus experiencias en cuanto a errores y como lograron solucionarlos, para asi ir ayudandonos entre todos a tener menos problemas a la hora de jugar… ya que veo muchos comentarios que hablan de ello.

    gracias por el aporte! descargando…

  • Zonhax


  • Javo

    Es un bypass o un crack?.

  • Ashuraman

    @Javo Bypass

  • owlucao

    Resolution has an issue… window: 1920×1080 60p – Fullscreen: 1920×1080 60i

  • rytnao

    Fully working so far and no crashes. YEAHHHHH
    THANK YOU!!!


    The game falls, you can not save the game and other problems, but you have to say: Bald, you are the fucking Lord of the skies.

  • finally

    finally! great work

  • poor soul

    i have a problem , y installed with the older crack (SSElauncher) and the savedata is in mydocumen C:\Users\Rockman\Documents\My Games\NieR_Automata and its a .dat file the thing is the new crack the saves files are in %SystemDrive%\Users\Public\Documents\Steam\CODEX\524220 and its a .sav file what can i do? the older crack make random crashes when i play or start but i dont want to lose my 4+ hour save data :(

  • sergio avila



  • sergio avila


  • Clark Gil

    What a nice birthday gift for me! of all the wrongs in this world, this think is the only one that’s right! hahahahaha

  • Robert

    Thanks BALDMAN
    Games Crack

    Dishonored 2
    Star Wars Battlefront
    Need for Speed
    Titanfall 2
    For Honor
    Sniper Elite 4
    Ghost Recon Wildlands
    Dead Rising 4

  • Benchmark

    Checkout the gameplay on GTX 1060 i5 6400

  • Zio

    work perfectly like a magic :D

  • Daisuke

    oye Sergio Avila tengo un problema al tratar de usar el FAR, apenas inicio el juego me sale un cuadro que dice algo de la licencia y no me deja apretar nada solo una opcion que si la apreto me cierra el juego como lo arreglo sabes?

  • wertons

    Can someone help me on what to do at:
    1) Copy content of archive to “Sniper Ghost Warrior\win_x64” folder (replace files).
    Its the only step i dont understand.

  • No

    New working crack


  • No

    Just copy these to the NieRAutomata folder and replace

  • zz

    10 minutes of game, crash

  • wertons

    Im able to succesfully run the game and seems like it works but the graphics dont run, its a white screen i can interactuate with the game and hear the correct audio. Ive run the game on admin mode and Win 8 compatibility mode. Any advice?

  • No

    Just look for the new crack


  • Odin

    La grieta funciona pero es inestable pasado 15 minutos se crashea

  • Soulcast

    The game still crash after 10 min more or less, i tried with the new “fix”, but got the same problema. Im done with this game.

  • PowerKelvin

    Miss PART05 on MEGA and anothers downs.
    Please, add this part to finish the download.

  • PowerKelvin

    my bad… part05 on mega is ok..

  • Luffy

    No clue how to install this game, instructions makes no sense. Where is this SSELauncher.exe, I downloaded all the files and I can’t find it. Where is CPY, this is pure rubbish!

  • Bob

    Sankyou ;)

  • shimozuka

    for resume old savegame data use this, work perfect

  • Anakonder

    Thank you for the game but sometimes crash random, any fix of this?

  • gasdaop

    after my game crash. my save file gone -.- . Anyone experience the same?

  • Papman

    can apply random crash without error. PLS HELP

  • Zio

    if you have random crash problem just try to disable AntiVirus and Firewall, and don’t forget to uncheck “use x64 launcher” on properties

    it’s works great for me, playing for 2 hours or more and no random crash
    also some dude say you must change compability to windows 8, well mine is already windows 8 tho :D

  • Quinho87

    Poor soul, I have the same problem. Tell me if u manage to work around it

  • Bedobur

    Can anyone upload a savefile after the Amusement Park ? After the game crashed my save file got deleted :(

  • Daisuke

    tengo problema con el guardado reinicie el juego y tengo datos con 57 minutos de juego pero al cargarlos el juego inicia desde el principio alguien sabe porque?? ayuda por favor

  • shimozuka

    use this for resume old savegame , work perfect

  • shimozuka

    final response after many test:

    1- use new crack fix
    2 – for nvidia user with crash or stuck game , try to setting the game trought nvidia control panel
    3 – for restore old saved game
    4 – for audio problem noise try to change sample rate 44100 or 48000 trought windows control panel
    5 – for setting correct scaling resolution in game use FAR mod , extract content on nier directory

    now final i can play without crash (tested for 2 hours)

  • AAARRRRRRpirate

    Year 1:Still wanting to play Total War:Warhammer and that shit is still at 60euro on steam+shitload of dlc to milk consumers even more :'(. Anyway i was a big fan of the first Nier now im gonna enjoy this one too thank you very much :) though my pc is crap old so if it plays like crap but the game is good i might buy it for console to have a more pleasant experience,games like this deserve it

  • InfinityCoda

    For those confused by the instructions, all you have to do is copy the content of the “Crack” directory into “NierAutomata”, then run SSELauncher.exe and double-click the game icon from there. No need to install anything.

    Game works like a charm, thanks guys <3

  • KousakaHO

    Funciona perfecto, sin crasheos al ponerlo en compatibilidad de W8, pensaba que tenia problemas al no guardar la partida, pero el primer punto de guardado queda algo lejos xD, (en el bunker).

  • luis

    tengo problemas con el rendimiento!!, le puse todo en bajo y el juego me tira a 20 fps ayuda!!! tengo pc decente q si cubre los requisitos!!

  • Papman


    Where I can uncheck use x64 launcher??

  • Anonymous

    Help my screen only show white screen how to fix it?
    pic :

  • skidrow gamer

    crack star wars battlefront 2015

  • That Guy

    Disabling Antivirus to play a game is pretty dumb in imo instead why not exclude the folder of the game? Im excited for this crack, but it does have a huge amount of negative reviews as a PC port, ohwell hopefully ppl are just being drama queens

  • Giovanni

    Works great with error no fix done.only extracted and started..thanks baldman

    Intel core i5
    8gb ram
    1920×1080 60 fps

  • Lame yy

    Game keeps crashing, with old crack, with crack fix, with FAR

    better wait for CPY if the still working on this <.<

  • Edward

    can someone explain what i need to do in order to play the game? i dont have the ghost warrior folder . i dont understand what the fuck i need to do, at least explain the steps…..

  • ritu

    download this game > update the game > add the the missing file (sound file) > apply the crack fix > play

  • finally

    it keeps crashing .. i’ll try @ritu solution

  • ritu

    it crash because you use the first crack, just use the crack fix

    there’d be sound error because 1 file is missing, just add it

  • Jhil

    What missing file? And how i cant update the game? T.T

  • someguy




  • Habator

    so here is an easy explanation to everyone:
    1) in the files you download open the STEAM folder
    2) extract files from “Steam/depotcache” folder to the “C:/Programs/STEAM/depotcache” in your “original” steam folder in your C: drive
    3) extract files from STEAM/steam folder and do the same as step 2
    4) extract files from STEAM/steamapps and do the same as step 2
    5) copy NIER AUTOMATA DAY ONE (…) to “C:/Programs/STEAM/steamapps/common”
    Run the exe inside the NIER AUTOMATA DAY ONE (…)

    and you are done

  • Lame yy


    it makes no difference, game still crashes and lags, and further more, i cant use steam anymore >.>

  • Lnree

    Someone know how to fuck fix the goddamn jet sound

  • Lnree

    -Restart the game like 10 times, then it works, i mean, open it, when you hear the jet sound press alt+f4 and open it again until there is no jet sound

  • digger nick

    can you upload MEGA links that don’t link to viruses? please, and thank you.

  • D

    How do i fix the jet sound?

  • D

    NAIS FIXED SOUND!!! for audio problem noise try to change sample rate 44100 or 48000 trought windows control panel

  • Michał Haker

    if u guys have problem with game crash after mgs sound, try my solution. Just mute effect sounds. It’s werid but helps me. Now i finished A ending…

  • Xenris

    How to temporarily fix the JET Noisy sound:

    -Open TWO Nier application, not through SSE. Run it as admin ofcourse. Wait the first nier one to load (if you have your settings at fullscreen just press ALT+enter to make it to window size and again to full screen) and then wait for the second nier to load.
    -At menu screen on the first nier, load up your save file until 2B gets out of her vending machine so you can hear the loud jet noise, then pause the game or just alt+tab to the other 2nd Nier game.
    -Load your savefile on the 2nd Nier game and should have a fixed sound.
    -After that, just exit the 1st nier. And go on and continue playing Nier.
    Goodluck and have fun.

  • keeps crashing

    The game keeps crashing on me! anyone have a solution for that , I’ve played like for 3 hours and booooom it crashed and it didn’t saved shit, please help.

  • DoomScythe

    For those who the game keep crashing, install the farmod and see some youtube videos about it, in farmod you have to disable some options for the game. I did that and the game runs fine.

  • Jay

    While running the SSELauncher and Nier, go to task manager –> Details and set affinity .. disable every second GPU . that means 1,3,5,7,9… so on. credits to reddit i forgot the one who posted. But this worked fine

  • Salim Jadi

    Nier automata fullscreen fixed 2017

  • Anonymous

    Thanks CPY and Baldman for the crack!

  • Link

    Torrent super lent a telecharger même avec bonne co, les pairs dont dans la mm qalère une aide svp ?

  • Bekudaan

    my game is on eternally looping after destroying that goliath, how to fix it?

  • Kiragami

    Al principio iba fenomenal, pero luego al llevar un rato jugando se peta y me da error de Dejo de Funcionar el juego. Alguien mas le pasa? Existe alguna solucion? :((

    At first it was phenomenal, but then after a while playing it fuck and it gives me error of Stop playing the game. Someone else is wrong? Is there any solution?

  • CelebrosLaw

    Works great with, and i have this configuration:

    8 GB RAM 1600
    I5 4460 3,2 GHZ


  • cloude

    Just so people know, if the game crashes while trying to save you won’t be able to use the NierAutoModSave to get it back. Continue will show up and you will have the option to lode file but it will just get stuck there. This is most likely due to the save file being corrupt at that point.

  • Fadi

    thanks for crack but there is random crashes please help :(

  • sliverbulet

    amis français pour ce qui on des crash toute les 5 min sur le jeu. J ai trouver la solution vous lancer le jeu ensuite appuyer sur ctrl+alt+supr ce qui ouvre le gestionnaire de taches puis dans l onglet ” détail ” chercher le processus “nierautomata.exe” clic droit définir affinité” et cocher que uc0 et voila.

  • GBR

    unable to inizialize steam api!! what i m doing wrong???

  • Ophiel

    Best game i’ve ever player in this style, a masterpiece.

  • Depressive man

    Sorry but I got a problem… when I am near the “save module” in the 2nd mission (first mission in the city), I beat all ennemies and when the Save module is enable .. (sometimes before) my game is freezing 3 seconde after that… Do you have any solutions for me?

    Sorry for my bad english (FR)

  • Emanuel

    please reload the second torent what is down PLEASE ._.

  • Lesser

    So for those who’s game crashes, update graphics drivers. And set CPU affinity to 2 or 4 cores. Game was poorly ported so has issues with more then 4 cores active. if still crashes go through and set up a nvidia profile for the game, there are some setting somewhere on the net you should use like turn off blur aa etc.

  • Nad

    where is SSElauncher??

  • KingLodhi

    game keeps crashing every 10 minutes of gameplay

    configs are

    core i5
    gtx 950
    8gb ram

  • :'(


  • D.yulinko

    how to fix noise jet sound ,

    Well i went through all the BGM’s (adding and removing/rename) and when i removed/rename BGM_2_000.wsp that seem to cut the Jet noise for me,

    if thats not work try to remove/rename bgm BGM_0_000.wsp hereee !!!

  • Jim

    Amazing game no crash so far its perfect..many thanks keep up the good work

  • azza696

    I fix the jet noise by renaming sound/bgm/… but i dont have music anymore. Any solution?

  • Mora

    How to save’s in this game? i cant quicksaves omg :(

  • Crash Nier Bandicoot

    100% Crashing when Goliath appears en mission. AMD 280x, with actualized drivers.

  • Pandaman

    The game has only music and SFX, not a single voice audio is working.

  • Doesnt mind

    Game crash at Goliath ALWAYS. Some people say in diferent forums dat thay have solve it, but I cant reach it… PLEASE upload it another time because i think that this verion is corrupt, or get the ISO file…
    so sad to see how this nice game always crashes at goliath :(

  • cigoto

    ok, the game is awesome but i cant save gameplay

    please somebody can help me ?

  • ark

    ————————————————— FIX FOR CRASH ———————————————————
    For solve crash problems, disable hypertreading, open task manager, chose show all users process, select nierautomata.exe, right mouse button, select afinity, you need have check only: for example for a core i5 (a quad core processor with 2 physical cores and 4 virtual cores) only check CPU 0 and CPU 2, for a core i7 with 4 pysical cores and 8 virtual cores only check CPU0, CPU2, CPU4, CPU6, this disable the Hypertreading, you need do this each time when your start the plication nierautomata.exe

    Before disableblin hypertreading, random crashes each 10 – 50 min
    After, no crashes in 6 hours


  • Aquan

    How to display afinity program in windows 10?
    I’ve checked on the open task and right-clicked on the program but did not find the affinity #SorryBadEnglish

  • FeuilleA4

    To display afinity program in Windows 10:

    -Lauch Nier Automata normlally and wait until you are in menu.
    -Press Crtl Alt Del to open Task Manager.
    -Go to Details
    -Right click in Nier Automata.exe
    -Select Afinity
    -Use only 2 of them, like UC0 and UC1. Save and go back to your game.

    It work for me but for some reasons, i7 proc have problem.

  • marco

    @sliverbulet ! Merci beaucoup ça marche nickel, je n’ai pas eu de crash en 4h de jeu!

    @sliverbulet Thx you it’s work very good, i play 4 h and no crash!

    Merci, Thx Skidrow, Beldman, thx all, good game all, bon jeu a tous, Merci encore!

  • Nsjdjddb

    Whats mean “fixed crack”???? The before was bugged or what? Need to know

  • HELP

    Help please, the game ALWAYS crash at goliath in mi pc D:

  • RoNiN Kun

    ^ Wow thank for tutorials… ^

    It’s really works for me :)

  • Kenshi

    always give jet sound and keep falling at second mission at the building.

  • yopla

    the “fixed” crack is more easy to use, but you have to restart game

  • Valerio

    Is the dlc also included?

  • Jay

    Just crashes after 10-15 minutes of play for me :( I got i7- 16gb ram and 1080gtx

  • ben

    MSVCP100.dll missing ERROR… what to do?? Tried with the crackfix.

  • ben

    working like a charm… dont know what i did though. no crash in the first playthrough for more than an hour..

  • busio

    TYVM, tengo que expresar que he esperado este juego por mucho tiempo y la verdad en cuanto pueda lo comprare agradezco el trabajo de aquellas personas que permiten hacer esto posible muchisimas gracias por su tiempo aquí un gamer de corazón agradecido

  • Salim Jadi

    how to fix fullscreen problem

  • Salim Jadi
  • Aquan

    check CPU O and 2 or CPU 0 and 1?

  • Aman

    only CPU 1 worked for me. no crash after that. completed the game.

  • Aman

    For the ones with crashing issue after defeating the first boss, or random crash after continuous play of 1 hr, when the game is running, open task manager_>> go to Details_>> search for nier automata . Right click on nier automata and select Set Affinity. uncheck all the boxes and check only CPU 1. that worked for me. completed the game without any crash after doing this. ENJOY :)
    PS: If you cannot find SSELauncher like me in the folder, just download it.
    Steps i used.
    1. copied the crack into nier automata folder.
    2. downloaded SSELauncher.
    3. start SSELauncher and add Nier Automata to it. It will ask you to configure. just add AppID which has been set as 0 in SSELauncher. Location of AppID can be found in crack file STEAM_EMU( lower case).
    4. save it and run the game.
    5.when the game is running, open task manager_ go to Details_search for nier automata . Right click on nier automata and select Set Affinity. uncheck all the boxes and check only CPU 1.
    If this doesn’t work, just use the crack fix instead of crack.
    Happy Gaming.

  • Aman

    Thank You Skidrow. It was worth the wait. keep it up. :)

  • Kaboel

    Did someone cleared Route E already? when shooting mode, idk my pc always crash at shooting stage started, maybe after 10-20s later the program crashed

  • SHSU

    Does this included the DLC?

  • Valerio

    Does someone know if It includes the dlc or not?

  • Caio Pucci

    where are the seeders??????

  • Nino

    alguien me explica el primer paso que dice ahi ? porque no lo entendi

  • Booty

    For those having problems with the constant jet sound at start of game, go into game files and find _CommonRedist\DirectX

    then go into that folder and find DXSETUP file and Double click that and install DirectX

    THis worked for me and hope this helps

  • EU

    nice! tnhx!!!!

  • sage

    I hear the MGS alert and crash immediately.
    Maybe, is it due to FAR?

  • Szmaciur

    yup its FAR

  • Caio Pucci

    google drive part 7 is off…..

  • junior bill

    I waiting for version whitout crash

  • Mirarrow

    THX , but the game crash after 5/10 min sometimes . and its not my computer ^^

  • busio

    the game workd but keep crashing after u beat the first big goliath robot is not playable since u cant save anytime i keep playing like the last 10 mins always

  • Kiss-Shot

    Save wrong ?
    Me save game quest 2 im back continue no comeback save
    sry bad eng

  • Nicholas

    Did someone have a problem with the save file ?!!!!

    I dont know but when I die i start from the begining of the game again I dont know how to fix that.

  • Caio Pucci

    how to instal FAR Mode???

  • juan

    pueden subir en español las instrucciones para instalar el archivo descomprimido por faaavooor.
    o algun usuario que me lo explique :(


    It happened me first time I downloaded it, I reinstalled it througt GOOGLE DRIVE and installed it with the Antivirus OFF, and used the “fixed crack” (its on a link apart), and nothing more NOT SSLAUNCHER, and I recommend you 2 things after this:
    – Put the Nier’s directory on your Antivirus exceptions (think dat this is SO important, cause the antivirus could break the crack file, think dat its what happened the first time)
    – Open it on windows 8 compatibility

    Press Alt+Enter, its an resolution problem, and this will make it fullscreen. Set windows 8 compatibility may help with this too.

    I started playing normally (after solve the problems before), but after llike 2 hours of clean gameplay I started to have this problem. I solved it doing this:
    If u have a good PC u can use “real time” instead of hight, at least on my computer worked and no one crash for now with 6 hours of gameplay since the solve.


    It isnt an error, u just cant save before u dont kill the first boss (Goliath). Its can sucks at the start, but trust me, this game worth it, the gameplay is so fcking amazing all the time :)

  • ayam



    there are new crack for baldman v3.

  • kaindragoon
  • brave18

    A simple fix for crash
    if u have dual core set the affinity to 1 core
    if u have 4 core or 6 core or on so just disable one core
    Completed the game without any more crashes

  • Meroune

    not all heroes wear capes

  • ard22

    BALDMAN kicks CPYs ASS SERIOUSLY!!! (NIER, PREY FIRST) :))) hmmm i wonder who will crack Dishonored 2 first?

  • kachagaz

    Ty , I installed the V3 crack and I lost 31 hours of playing

  • joxemi

    El juego me funciono perfecto con el crack V3 badman. Llevo 18 horas sin crash pero, la partida empezará de nuevo, y tendrás que hacer una nueva partida. Y cuidado con Farmod 0.5.7 (que no te deja jugar y te borra las partidas o eso me paso a mi)


  • mmm

    nothing work , u jk with me ??? I downlond and I put the crack in original file I run as admin , nothing work

  • Kappachino1911

    Can someone tell me where the save files located for this one? I copied and pasted V3 crack as instructions say but when I started game I didn’t have option to continue from last save, only new game.

  • Kappachino1911

    Nvmnd, I found it at “%userprofile%\documents\my games\NieR_Automata”

    Weird that I had to start over eventhough I didn’t overwrite this.

  • ugaysoft

    is it still crashing if use v3?

  • kaindragoon

    the game works perfectly now….10/10 (new crack)

  • Kiss-Shot

    Save wrong !

  • gro

    The 2 torrents links are dead.

  • Raul

    Have anyone knows how to obtain the E ending without conecting to the network?

  • Raul

    I mean “Do”

  • ri


  • Jayce

    downloading now, will isolate, test and come back with whether or not its legit

  • Bob

    Does it include dlc?

    If not where can i get a compatable dlc link?

  • Jayce

    after fiddling around with it, and waiting forever to finish the download. Game works great thus far! A little different from your regular cracks, you have to use the SSE Launcher to emulate steam to run the game which is no problem at all. Thanks for the crack! loving the music and the game.

  • Deero

    Do you have dlc only? thanks

  • meow
  • javi

    hola porfavor descargue el archivo de utorrent pero al finalizar no veo el crack por ningun sitio y asi con muchos juegos de esta pagina algun cosejo u ayuda
    Hello please download the utorrent file but at the end I do not see the crack for any site and so with many games of this page some cosejo u help

  • soy jesusDeNasared

    jugarlo en ventana no en pantalla completa !!! es molesto pero así no crashea !! yo si lo pongo en pantalla completa me vaja la resolución !! JAVI lee donde dice NFO!!!!!

  • Raul

    El crack me está por separado. Se encuentra en la parte superior de esta página. Se llama FIXED CRACK ONLY V3 BY BALDMAN.

  • Chalies Pizza

    Can anyone make a little guide about how to use please? What i need to replace or something coz i only understand to replace file. however in the crack say :

    1) Copy content of archive to NierAutomata folder (replace files). Archive include original game steam_api64.dll, you need it to run SSE.
    If you gonna use other steam emulator, don’t unpack dll and just run game’s .exe

    2) Start SSELauncher.exe and click on game icon there.

    3) If there are some problems with game launch, try this:

    – disable AV/Firewall/etc and try to launch SSELauncher.exe as Administrator.

    – or Right click on game icon in SSELauncher -> Properties -> Uncheck “Inject SmartSteamEmu” -> Save -> Try to run game in this mode
    (w/o injecting game process can hang in memory after exit).

    – try other steam emulator, i.e. Codex one. Then you only need nierautomata.exe from archive – it’s actual crack.


  • meow

    nothing special
    copy crack the game folder, run SSELauncher.exe, click NieRAutomata “game icon”. and launch!
    more…let’s go, download 3C3C1D119440927 DLC and cracked FAR 0574

  • kx

    Controller working in this version?

  • nyan

    xbox one/360 controller, working fine!


  • reverie

    COOL!!! Thanks!!

  • ReAQuan

    ada link update atau dlc nier automata terbaru?

  • ReAQuan

    Any link update or dlc nier automata latest?

  • meow

    No need update 1, download 3C3C1D119440927 DLC only and cracked FAR 0571. or

  • meow

    game version v1787043 (include update 1)

  • meow

    wait link “Your comment is awaiting moderation. “

  • meow

    search my comment (27 May 2017, 10:06) or go

  • meow

    go google url shortener and copy paste code the browser header

    3C3C1D119440927 DLC
    code: /5M8tqo

    cracked FAR 0571
    code: /3v0VMJ

  • Relax

    I cant just play. I’ve downloaded tha last crack V3.
    I put on the game folder, i started sselaunche and when i click launch in the game it crash at startup.
    i didn’t put the game in steam folder, but i don’t think it’s needed.
    How can i fix the startup crashes?
    i’ve tried to disable av-firewall- inject the steamemulator or start with administrator, but nothing

  • Omar Magdy Darhous

    how do u apply the new crackfix without loosing game save
    the game runs for a while then it crashes
    i applied the new crackfix but i lost my saves so i had to re apply my old crack to get my saves back.
    any help?

  • meow

    read comments
    NierAutoModSave shimozuka (09 May 2017, 20:45)
    crash problem ark (13 May 2017, 22:08)

  • ben

    if u have been waiting a year to play a game dont u think its time to buy it ? i personally download cracked games because pc developers do not offer demos half the time .

  • alexd124641

    The file of the second torrent link is deleted.

    Now please guys seed :c My download speed is varying from 600kb/s to 900kb/s but i can go up to 9Mb/s on steam and stuff.

    Then i got an question, When the download will be over, i’ll got 2 folders, one is NierAutomata and the other is steam. What do i do with them? (Do i put the steam one in nierautomata? or in my own steam folder?)


  • ReAQuan

    i need link download dlc for nier automata

  • sidEon

    The game softlocks in the amusement park boss when the boss do the hack attack thing, and after that, you cant recover for the attack, seems like the game is broken, tried to load my previous game and do anything i could possibly do to fix this issue, but i cant solve it….. anyone have this experience??????

  • Stanley

    I got the same error “unable to inizialize steam api”

  • Javan

    Please upload and cracked the horizon zero dawn.. all your hardworks are highly appreciated. keep up the good works guys. goodluck

  • Somebody

    Any idea on finishing ending E, since its crack it cant connect to internet and its impossible to finish the game without the help of other ppl, halp pls :(

  • Mmmoney shot

    Any idea on finishing ending E, since its crack it cant connect to internet and its impossible to finish the game without the help of other ppl, halp pls :(

  • Jerome

    Square enix did a software security. If you have the pirated version, the game will keep crashing and having errors.
    I once had the pirated version, then bought the original. In the original, i was able to play smoothly. No crash at all.
    Square enix planned this all along.

  • Keyla

    My pc is pretty old and I have no crashes at all, to those who have issues your so must be corrupted or something, I have not grat fps but can play with no errors, the problem is not the game or crack, the problem must be inside your pc´s

    Phenom x4
    4gb Ram
    Shappire 5770
    windows 10 last version (creators or whatever it calls)

  • behzad

    iam copy the crack but it say missing steam_api64.dll
    when i copy the missing dll it say the procedure entry point steaminternal_contextint could not be located in the dynamic link library steam_api64.dll

  • Kyojin

    Is there a CPY or CODEX release? Day one & full DLC?

  • Nour Eddien

    so i downloaded the last crack
    ( version 3 ) and copied it in the folder, now NieRAutomata.exe doesn’t start the game :/
    any help ?

  • Justin

    @Javan that game is ps4 exclusive, means it only available on ps4 platform, so u cant play it on pc becz no one gonna crack it

  • hAV

    Download works, but when you run the game it crashes due an “unnexpected” problem, even cracked this problems is because you use a pirate game, no other way to play. :(

  • David

    The game isn’t even launching for me. When I open the game from SSELauncher I get “The program stopped working”

  • geoff


  • Harlock

    Thanks for the crack ;)
    But I’ve a crash in the desert zone :/ Just after Psycho blowed up the door, in the canyon.

    Someone have an idea ?

  • bunty

    hey plz fix torrent links

  • ZhenKe

    Where are the save data ?