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NARUTO SHIPPUDEN Ultimate Ninja STORM 4 Road to Boruto DLC-CODEX


The latest opus in the acclaimed STORM series is taking you on a colourful and breathtaking ride.


The latest opus in the acclaimed STORM series is taking you on a colourful and breathtaking ride. Take advantage of the totally revamped battle system and prepare to dive into the most epic fights you’ve ever seen in the NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM series!Prepare for the most awaited STORM game ever created!


NOTE : This release requires NARUTO.SHIPPUDEN.Ultimate.Ninja.STORM.4-CODEX(no other Updates or DLC Packs required!)

The following DLCs are included :

    – Road to Boruto Expansion
    – The Sound Four Characters Pack
    – Gaara’s Tale Extra Scenario Pack
    – Shikamaru’s Tale Extra Scenario Pack
    – Traditional Festival Costume
    – Pre Order DLC

Title: NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 4
Genre: Action, Adventure
Developer: CyberConnect2 Co. Ltd.
Publisher: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment

Release Date: 5 Feb, 2016

Release Name : NARUTO SHIPPUDEN Ultimate Ninja STORM 4 Road to Boruto DLC-CODEX
Size : 5.65 GB




















  • OS: Windows (64bit) 7 or higher up to date
  • Processor: Intel i3-530, 2.93Ghz / AMD Phenom II X4 940, 3.0GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 2048 MB video card, Pixel Shader 5.0
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 40 GB available space



NARUTO SHIPPUDEN Ultimate Ninja STORM 4 Road to Boruto DLC-CODEX
- Extract
- Run setup.exe from Update dir and install
- Copy crack from CODEX dir to installdir
- Play
This Update Requires : NARUTO SHIPPUDEN Ultimate Ninja STORM 4-CODEX

Posted by SKIDROW
  • Dilan

    First , thanks

  • Arashi

    When I try to start the Boruto story, I can see the cutscenes, then when I press start at the battle conditions, I get an endless loading screen. I can’t use the Boruto characters in the free battle mode either. Anybody could help me please? Thank you! :)

  • Kira

    This Work with Repack Blackbox Version?

  • Archieve

    Mantap Jiwa.. Thx Work..

  • Archieve

    yea I too.. :v

  • michael

    do i need the previous update for this boruto update to work? cause mine still dont have the boruto story but i already installed it thanks in advance pls help me :)

  • GonFreecsX

    How do we install the update ? because the game crashes even if i put the codex files in the game directory :/
    Help ?

  • GonFreecsX

    Do we have to put the update in the first version of the game ? That’s to say, do i have to delete the last update we had and after that insert the new update ? answer me please :(

  • jjjjj

    can you upload the standalone version, please?

  • Ethan

    Yeah, good idea!
    Can you upload the standalone version from japanese?
    We WILL appreciate that! XD

  • ritz

    please repair googledrive link

  • ritz

    please repair googledrive link….

  • ritz

    please repair googledrive link!!!!!!

  • senkollen

    can’t change langage into french :(

  • velaxus

    Allow me to help u guys:
    First of all download only the Torrent version so make sure u get Utorrent or something.
    After doing that download it. and Update first….
    After the update u replace the Codex files.

    Ur welcome

  • michael

    update the what? you mean install the update?

  • Eros

    hey, i cant open the game, it stuck in the loading screen, PLS HELP!

  • ritz

    please help me….. Why the CODEX is not work?

  • ritz

    why i stuck in the loading screen? please help me…..

  • ritz

    in loading screen say this : “This end user license agreement applies only to users in north and south america”

  • Chirila Raul

    It;s work , but when i try to play boruto’s tale CRASH!! And i can’t play boruto characters. Help Please

  • Nuri

    whein i opened the game its only black screen please help!!

  • ritz

    why i stuck in the loading screen? please help me…..

    in loading screen say this : “This end user license agreement applies only to users in north and south america”

    and much more….

  • Warriorgamer

    ritz scroll down until the end of the license agreement and then the button A will pop up next to the B button.

  • Afro Shinigami

    Why are all Bandai Namco games so easy to crack.. (not literally easy) but crack comes out immediately after the game is out.

  • Allan

    are alll the necesary updates, that increases game performace and fix bugs, included?

  • Allan

    cause if its not, i need to know where I can find the updates. I already downloaded 32% of the game

  • loster

    I have a problem guys :( i can’t launch the game, it’s open a white screen and crash after that, someone has a solution for that please ??

  • ciberxangel

    do i need the previous update for this to work,or it comes with all the updates ? cause mine still dont have any of them, thanks in advance pls help me :)

  • soke kun

    should end the story first please I need help

  • Exequiel

    laguage pack español neutro please!

  • Exequiel

    for dlc road to boruto!

  • Hamzah

    Hey guys thnx for the dlc. I have a problem with the game lagging while playing multiplayer with my friends.
    I doubt its a problem with my hardware as I the nvidia 1070 and 32gb of RAM.
    If anybody finds a way to solve this please tell me!
    Thnx in advance for the help

  • Eros


  • Leli

    when i put “english” it worked, its maybe the dlc that dont have all the voice lenguages!

  • Eros

    With the leli fix, after the intro it crashes, :( wtf

  • QFF


  • GonFreecsX

    Please help I’m getting a white screen then the game crash when i try to start it, help please x(

  • QFF

    how to play the dlc with online crack?

  • A Fan

    Is it possible that the game only have english voice?

  • Cirenay

    it stuck in the loading screen !!!!!!!!! HELP


    in italiano non va funziona solo in inglese come posso fare? nn ci sono dei sottottitoli in italiano?

  • ZER0lPT

    Online crack for Road to Boruto:

    Just put everything in the game’s folder and replace.

  • junaid khan

    for all those dudes who are getting black and white screens in the begining and there game is getting stopped !! just open your nividia control panel got to setting and chosse the game and click on INTEGRATED GRAPHICS this will help you ! i hope i help u gyuz and skidrow plz give as online crack so we can play online in road to boruto

  • awabi

    for all of you.. black screen can you fixed manualy with change config note. the resolution to 1280×720

    now my lag is in free battle, the characters is sleep when the storm going to full… and cant use chakra..
    please help me… :”)

  • salman

    hii i want to play full game with story so what should i do first please some one tell me
    should i download black box version or normal version?

  • annas

    NARUTO SHIPPUDEN UNS 4 ROAD TO BORUTO DLC-CODEX with NARUTO SHIPPUDEN UNS 4 UPDATE V1.07 INCL DLC-3DM which newer which one i should download (my game is updated to 1.05 version)

  • Cannon

    Seems to no longer find my save file after installing this dlc. Anyone know where I should move my savefile?

  • Dragonlife

    Same, this update erased my savefile :/ dont find any backup

  • bryan hulio

    at the time of opening up the menu screen can still, after the “press button A” black screen but the sound is still running
    sorry my English bad

  • Cannon

    I solved my save file issue by reverting to my previous installation and installing NARUTO SHIPPUDEN UNS 4 UPDATE V1.07 INCL DLC-3DM instead, since I had the 3DM version instead

  • danny

    New save file location,

    Windows 10;
    C > Users > Public > Public Documents > Steam > Codex > 349040 > remote

    I already download it,
    and paste the 100% completion save file (downloaded from Nexus)

    but for some reason, in free battle,
    I don’t see any changes.
    No new Boruto, no Mecha Naruto, no Mitsuki
    but everything at 100% completion

  • Jeff

    Hi, i have a problem when i run the “Road of boruto” i have a infinite loading with a white screen, After the fight between sasuke and the unknown fighter.
    Help me please

  • Kuba10000

    How can i change language to Polish?

  • Samuel

    tem como por o idioma em português Brasil

  • ReptileDysfunction

    Does this work with other cracked versions of the game? i have one with all updates before boruto from nosteam, can i just use this instead of downloading the whole game again?

  • Daria

    Hello I can not language in Polish, only the English language works; /
    Can I add or send language pl to nsuns4 road to boruto? PLEASE

    Witam nie mogę zminić języka na Polski, jedynie działą język angielski ;/
    Czy można dodać bądź przesłać sploszczenie do nsuns4 road to boruto ? Bardzoo proszę

  • shawn

    Hi to whom it may concern. I downloaded the game file and the game crashes after the cutscene of Sasuke and the unknown fighter. Is there may be a fix please update it in you site so I will be able to play the story mode. Using Amd graphics card

  • zitgal

    crahes after sasuke vs kinshiki cutscene and battle condition, <– solution is deleting your mods(data_win32) folder on your naruto game instaldir

  • Try to help

    Just install the base game and this DLC . This allow you to continue the game after the fight between Sasuke and Kinshiki . If the game is lagging , try to lower its resolution and turn off the FXAA and etc .

  • Miha

    Here the link for Road to Boruto Language Pack
    It work for me (ITA Sub) ;)

  • NaruDrax

    can’t play online :((

  • ninjason

    Idk the controls i cant start the game

  • bojo

    it’s working well but when i try to open road to boruto it says not responding

    what should i do :V ?

  • MasBroo

    this is full game??? please answer

  • krisna

    this is full game please answer

  • 7th Hokage

    the best game.. i’m just finish the dlc ( boruto tales ) so awesome . . .

  • 7th Hokage

    it’s working well to me . . thanks ??

  • Daria

    Witam jak rozwiazac problem z zacinajaca sie gra chodzi bardzo powoli

    Hi, How to solve the problem of stuttering game comes very slowly

  • Kuba10000

    The game acts like in slow-motion durning plaining 60 FPS. Any solution?

    • Kazuhiko Hideyoshi

      go 30fps

  • yaf

    good news it works, thanks.
    the bad news, i can’t save the game! help!

  • Kuba10000

    Daria jeśli gra chodzi Ci jak w slow motion wyłącz synchornizacje pionową.

    If game works like in slow motion you must turn off V-sunc option.

  • GonFreecsX

    Hey everybody ^^
    I know it sounds kinda strange but does someone has got a website to download the previous update ? (the update 8 : the 1.06 version) from 3DM and which real size is 2.30 Gb ? Because after searching really hard in the web, i get only few torrents, and i prefer much more direct links you know x) So, does someone has got a websites where the update link is still “alive” and size normally ? (2.30GB)

    And another request please (i know i’m that tirering) someone has got an fps fix for the update ? (road to boruto this time) cause all the others that i’ve tested doesn’t work or give me still slow specs on my pc,please help :(

    Thank you already :)

  • aditya

    to save game run as adimstrator

  • Kevin

    Dont hear any music when play just sfx, please give me a solution

  • robi

    it’s only in english? no italian?

  • randy

    naruto has stop working and blank with screen please help me

  • anmol

    install always shows isdone.dll error when running the setup

  • i love hentai

    what the hell is naruto ??????

  • i love hentai

    copy the codex file to installation destination therefore its cracked and play

  • anmol

    The problem is not going. I launch the setup.exe file and the moment I start it, it shows isdone.dll and then doesn’t extract.
    I searched the internet for hours and didn’t found a working solution. I tried to turn off the antivirus,windows defender but all in vain. I also tried to download the dll but it was already present in my pc. So please help me with this problem. It is with every game I download from this website. Also happened with Ori and the blind forest which I downloaded earlier. I want to know how to fix it so please inform me if anyone know.Thank You

    • Kazuhiko Hideyoshi

      use POWER.ISO to extract

  • anmol

    Anyone Answer please

  • anmol

    Anyone???? Plz

  • Bankai

    Can someone help me which are the relevant updates for naruto please?

  • anmol

    Can anyone help me with my problem please

  • randy

    has stop working,help me please

  • no name

    Are This work everybody,?

  • Joey Xc

    T.F.K My Specs Are High But Games Like Slow Motion Here’s My Specs :

    RAM : 16gb
    CPU : Intel Core i5-2450m @ 2.50ghz
    VGA : AMD Radeon 7400m + Intel HD Graphics 3000 ( 1,5gb vram)

    • Vivaan

      Thats normal,this happens with almost everyone. Try downloading a patch with shadows and particles ONLY IF your specs are high.

  • Etherion3

    Works like a charm! ty
    btw there is a way to play this online?

  • anmol

    well guys,, any solution to my problem…. plz

  • mercer

    The game crashes on opening.. and about update do i have to replace the files in the version i already had or is this the fresh and whole game… pls reply

  • Sange

    kita coba dulu

  • Ocean

    LINK IS DEAD!!Please Fix it

  • Shubham

    Hey guys this game is full game ???? Answer me

  • Shubham

    How to download ninja storm 4 please help

  • fikri tioman

    why is it not working

  • nomorenamesleft

    i’ve already cleared the whole game (without road to boruto), when i installed this it reset my progress. i still have a backup of my previous save file, but where the hell does it go???

  • raiyan

    Thank you Skidrow team …
    It worked without a single problem …..
    Guys let me tell you how it will work . ok ?
    1st of all , you need the main game to run this dlc …
    main game means ” Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 ” which is around 37 GB …
    At first , install Naruto Shippuden Ultimate ninja storm 4 ( main game ) …
    then if you want to run this dlc ( Road to Boruto ) , you have to install this dlc into the main game folder …
    or you can install this dlc into different folder and after that copy the installed game files into main game folder ..
    After copying , if they ask you to overwrite then overwrite ….Then you have to copy the files which is inside codex and paste it in the main game folder …. After that you can play this dlc …
    thank you

    • Mikhail Arjan Sandigan

      can you give us a step?

  • Leon

    can someone send me link with language pack (polish)
    my e-mail: [email protected]

  • Rafael Barcellos

    do you need the previous dlc or does it already come with all included?

  • Rafael Barcellos

    Você precisa do dlc anterior ou já vem com tudo incluído?